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tapa del libro: Blood on the Horns: The Long Strange Ride of Michael Jordan

Blood on the Horns: The Long Strange Ride of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls

Author: Roland Lazenby

Genre: Sports / Basketball / NBA

Language: English


This is a fascinating inside look at the life behind the scenes of the Jordan's Bulls...

Blood on the Horns by veteran sportswriter Roland Lazenby details the infighting and conflict between Jordan, coach Phil Jackson, teammate Scottie Pippen and the team's general manager, Jerry Krause, and managing partner, Jerry Reinsdorf.

Through the use of exclusive on-the-record interviews with a variety of Bulls players and staff members, Lazenby recreates the drama over 1997 and 1998 as the Bulls struggle to remain cohesive.

This book captures the harsh, dark side of Jordan's competitive nature in a series of vignettes. In subsequent one-on-one interviews, Jordan unabashedly acknowledges his harsh treatment of his teammates and GM Krause.

Longtime Bulls assistant coach Tex Winter offers his analysis of Jordan's demanding leadership of the franchise.

The book will at last explain to the millions of Bulls fans why the team's management and ownership seem so eager for Jackson, Jordan and company to move on, despite their overwhelming success.

Not since The Jordan Rules has a book captured such a poignant inside look at the most intriguing team in pro basketball history.

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