Book: Michael Strogoff by Jules Verne

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Michael Strogoff

Book cover: Michael Strogoff

Author: Jules Verne

Genre: Adventure / Fiction and Literature / Classics

Publishing Year: 1876

Language: English / Original Language: French

Original Title: Michel Strogoff. De Moscou à Irkoutsk


A classic tale of adventure and intrigue in the Russian Empire.

Someone must warn the Governor-General of Siberia that the fierce Feofar-Khan is pouring his men into Siberia and fomenting rebellion. Only one of the Czar Alexander II couriers, Michael Strogoff, is capable of handling this mission.

Jules Verne presents a narrative about the determination and courage of the protagonist who is sent out to deliver the secret message. He will find almost insurmountable obstacles as he carries it from Moscow to Irkutsk and fate threatens his life and love. Facing the Tatar army and fighting his own gentle feelings, he is hell-bent on attempting to complete his mission.

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