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Literary genres: Sports - Basketball - NBA

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Driven From Within

Book: Driven From Within

Author: Michael Jordan and Mark Vancil

Description: The sports icon pays tribute to the mentors, teachers, and role models who shaped his life and career, sharing the intimate lessons he has learned about the power of collaboration and teamwork...

"It all started with an appetite to prove. Whether it was competing with my siblings or trying to get attention from my parents, I wanted to show what I could do, what I was capable of accomplishing. I wanted results, and I was driven to find out the best way to get them."

Everyone knows the results. In Driven... (keep reading...)

I Can

Book: I Can't Accept Not Trying: Michael Jordan on the Pursuit of Excellence

Author: Michael Jordan

Description: In this book the former basketball superstar shares his views on achieving excellence, including goals, fears, commitment, teamwork, learning the fundamentals, and leadership...

The most extraordinary athlete of our time shares the rules he lives--and succeeds--by in an inspirational classic sure to be treasured by his fans. Jordan shows how to set goals and overcome obstacles, confront fear and self-doubt, be a leader and a team player, stay focused and fight distraction...

In I Can't Accept Not... (keep reading...)