Books: Summary of They Call Me Coach, by the authors John Wooden and Jack Tobin

Book cover: They Call Me Coach

They Call Me Coach

Author: John Wooden and Jack Tobin

Genre: Sports / Basketball / Biographies

Language: English


For 27 years, John Wooden led the UCLA basketball team to unsurpassed victories and records. His dedication and inspiration made him America's "winningest" coach. In this classic bestselling autobiography--updated with a new foreword by Hall-of-Famer Bill Walton--the college basketball legend reflects on his record-breaking career, his life behind the scenes, and how his top players went on to shape and change the NBA.

From the everyday basics to important life lessons ("It's not how tall you are, but how tall you play"), Wooden shares his worldly wisdom on and off the court to offer a personal history of an unforgettable time in college basketball, answering the most-asked questions about his life, his career, and the players who made his teams unbeatable.

"This book captures the full flavor of the man, the philosophies that work in life, and the philosophies that work on the court. I commend it to people who want to succeed at either--or both." --Los Angeles Times

"They Call Me Coach is a story bigger than basketball. One of those rare sports books that is must reading for everyone."
--Chicago Tribune

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