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  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Author: Jules Verne
Summary: A huge sea monster has attacked and wrecked several ships from beneath the sea. Professor Arronax bravely joins a mission to hunt down the beast. . He goes aboard the Nautilus, a secret submarine helmed by the mysterious Captain Nemo. At first, the mission is exciting, as Nemo takes Arronax on a voyage around the underwater world. But when things start to go wrong, Arronax finds there's no escape from the Nautilus. He is now Captain Nemo's captive--20,000 leagues under the sea! . Trapped aboard the fantastic... (view prices) (full summary)

  Journey to the Center of the Earth

Book: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Author: Jules Verne
Summary: An impetuous German geologist discovers an encoded manuscript in which a sixteenth-century explorer claims to have found a passageway to the center of the earth. . The intrepid Professor Lindenbrock embarks upon the strangest expedition of the nineteenth century: a journey down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the Earth's very core. . In his quest to penetrate the planet's primordial secrets, the geologist, together with his quaking nephew Axel and their devoted guide, Hans, discovers an astonishing... (view prices) (full summary)

  Michael Strogoff

Book: Michael Strogoff

Author: Jules Verne
Summary: A classic tale of adventure and intrigue in the Russian Empire. . Someone must warn the Governor-General of Siberia that the fierce Feofar-Khan is pouring his men into Siberia and fomenting rebellion. Only one of the Czar Alexander II couriers, Michael Strogoff, is capable of handling this mission. . Jules Verne presents a narrative about the determination and courage of the protagonist who is sent out to deliver the secret message. He will find almost insurmountable obstacles as he carries it from Moscow to... (view prices) (full summary)


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