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  They Call Me Coach

Book: They Call Me Coach

Author: John Wooden and Jack Tobin
Summary: For 27 years, John Wooden led the UCLA basketball team to unsurpassed victories and records. His dedication and inspiration made him America's "winningest" coach. In this classic bestselling autobiography--updated with a new foreword by Hall-of-Famer Bill Walton--the college basketball legend reflects on his record-breaking career, his life behind the scenes, and how his top players went on to shape and change the NBA. . From the everyday basics to important life lessons ("It's not how tall you are, but how... (view prices) (full summary)

  Wooden On Leadership

Book: Wooden On Leadership

Author: John Wooden and Steve Jamison
Summary: Wooden on Leadership reveals the leadership wisdom of John Wooden. It presents the core concepts, methods, and beliefs that Wooden used to teach his teams how to attain Competitive Greatness, and true personal success. . John Wooden’s goal in 41 years of coaching never changed; namely, to get maximum effort and peak performance from each of his players in the manner that best served the team. Wooden on Leadership explains step-by-step how he pursued and accomplished this goal. Focusing on Wooden’s 12 Lessons... (view prices) (full summary)


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